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Professional Waxing

Waxing your car is one of the best ways to protect your car�s exterior from the elements and environmental hazards. Car wax offers a layer of protection for cars by protecting the clear coat and paint job. Waxing preserves and protects from harsh elements, and also increase resale value at trade-in time.

pet hair removal

If you own a dog, you’ll know how much of a pain it can be to take them out for a ride to the dog park or when you go on errands without making a huge mess of dog hair and saliva. We have all the professional tool to help you without damage your carpet and seats.

quality wash

All the natural dirt is pretty well paved over, there is still dirt and dust blowing around such as bus exhausts; construction debris; rubber dust from all the tires on the roads themselves. As you drive, and even while you are parked outdoors, dust and dirt blow around and land on the car. That dirt is damaging to the paint.That's why we recommended all our customers to have a general car cleaning regularly. We always use quality car wash products to clean and protect your vehicle.